About Us

Custom Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Customedia Pty Ltd.

As a media agency, Customedia has observed three consistent themes when it comes to data services for our partners and clients:

  • Specialist agencies are too expensive and don’t understand your business
  • Your IT team is great, but they don’t have the marketing expertise
  • You know 1st party data is important, but you don’t have the resources to use it


Custom Analytics was launched to solve those problems.

We’re a data and analytics agency that specializes in helping smaller businesses. We understand your challenges and we have the expertise to help you succeed:

  • We’ll work with you to develop a data-driven marketing strategy that fits your budget.
  • We’ll help you collect and analyze your data so you can make informed decisions.
  • We’ll provide you with actionable insights that you can use to grow your business.

Web Analytics

Custom Analytics works seamlessly with multiple internal stakeholders to ensure that your analytics needs are met.

We offer training and education to empower your team to manage your analytics after project completion.

Our current and recent projects include:

  • Website Analytics Implementations 
  • CAPI & Google Enhanced Conversions
  • GA4 Training and Support   
  • App Analytics via Firebase
  • GTM Audits
  • App Attribution Measurement
  • Customer Data Strategy   
  • CRO & Personalisation


Data Analysis

Custom Analytics works across all aspects of the data universe, from your first-party data to public Census and Tax data

We enrich your data with granular insights that can help you make better decisions

Our point of difference is clear, concise, and actionable insights that can transform your business.

Our current and recent data science projects include:

  • Sales Forecasting using Time Series
  • Geospatial Clustering for New Market Opportunities
  • Predictive Modelling 
  • Marketing Effectiveness Measurement
  • Media Mix Modelling
  • Data Driven Segmentation for Tailoring Messages
  • Market Selection for Experimentation