Website Analytics – Streamlining Tag Management

The Challenge The Google Tag Manager account was cluttered with outdated, repeated, and unknown tags, leading to unreliable data, complicating analysis & optimization. The client needed a quick and inexpensive fix. Took ownership of their Google Tag Manager and conducted a comprehensive audit, collaborating with numerous stakeholders inc analytics, website, personalization and marketing teams Identified […]

Developing Accurate and Actionable Analytics

The Challenge The client has substantial customer footprint across the Australian market and have significant volumes of traffic interacting with their digital ecosystem. This had also grown over recent years with the introduction of a category leading App. The program was complex, and they were struggling to maintain reliable and actionable analytics data The first […]

Seamless Transition to GA4

The Challenge The client lacked internal capability to implement a GA4 transition There was urgency to make the change and limited budget for a 3rd party agency Custom Analytics worked with the client to develop a strategic approach to the GA4 implementation process Instead of replicating the Universal Analytics implementation, it was smarter to audit […]