Marketing Intelligence: Case Study

Media Mix Testing / Validating Brand Investment

The Challenge

With cookie-based multi-touchpoint attribution becoming less reliable, the business wanted to understand if their paid media awareness activity, primarily TV and digital video, was having a direct impact on revenue.

  1. The recommendation was a media, market test across four regions selected based on their consistency to the broader customer profile
  2. Each market had a measurably different media mix, critically important that differences were significant enough to have an impact on sales
  3. One market was used as a holdout in order to have a reliable norm and key metrics across budget, reach were consistent across nominated markets
  4. Business sales data enabled accurate attribution at a postcode level

The Approach


The results were ground-breaking for the continued investment of awareness/brand paid media

After four weeks, analysis was clear that a combination of media experienced a statistically significant increase in conversions compared to the other markets and the holdout market.

This approach helped the business quantify the contribution of Brand channels on Performance outcomes which was a sizeable win for the Marketing team The testing also provided evidence to modify approach of Brand media across broader, larger markets.

Time & Approximate Cost: 2 weeks & Starting $5,000