Data Strategy: Case Study

Revamping Google Analytics

The Challenge

There was an incomplete and poorly customized Google Analytics account that lacked crucial metrics and key segmentations.

There was minimal confidence in the data.

The organisation had difficulty measuring website performance and success.

  1. Following consultancy with internal stakeholders, proposed a measurement framework that aligned with organisational goals
  2. Created a series digital measurable actions, followed by an implementation plan that utilised server-side tracking and GA4 for future-proofing the Analytics implementation
  3. To simplify reporting, a suite of Google Looker Studio dashboards were setup

The Approach


The client praised the deliverables, highlighting our expert guidance in developing a journey-focused measurement framework.

The updated Analytics account and tracking strategy provided meaningful and actionable insights through useful and practical live dashboards. Our team kept the client informed throughout each stage of the project, offering further optimisations and improvements for all business departments involved. Overall, our solutions improved the client’s ability to measure success and make informed decisions based on their data.

Time & Approximate Cost: 3 weeks & $20,000