Marketing Intelligence: Case Study

Tailoring Messaging to High Value Audience Clusters

The Challenge

The organisation was not utilising their first-party customer data to assist their marketing team on growth opportunities

  1. Use first party customer data to build non-customer audience clusters that shared similar characteristics with existing customers
  2. A combination of a K-Means clustering algorithm and linear models was utilized to build the clusters, understand their population and identify low performing areas
  3. With a deeper understanding of individual cluster profiles, specific messages could be tailored to these potential customers

The Approach


This data led approach has uncovered new customer opportunities that would otherwise have remained non-existent.

A deeper understanding of Cluster characteristics has allowed for more tailored messaging which has significantly improved acquisition outcomes versus standard norms.

New customer acquisition has been significant, the approach continues as part of ongoing performance tactics

Time & Approximate Cost: 3 weeks & Starting $10,000