Digital Analytics: Case Study

Website Analytics – Streamlining Tag Management

The Challenge

The Google Tag Manager account was cluttered with outdated, repeated, and unknown tags, leading to unreliable data, complicating analysis & optimization.

The client needed a quick and inexpensive fix.

  1. Took ownership of their Google Tag Manager and conducted a comprehensive audit, collaborating with numerous stakeholders inc analytics, website, personalization and marketing teams
  2. Identified and removed unnecessary tags, fixed triggers, and improved tracking to enhance the data collected by platforms
  3. Assisted the business in the process of implementing a structured datalayer to enhance and futureproof tracking

The Approach


Our unified tracking approach across all platforms allowed the client to regain confidence in their data and communicate website goals using a common language.

Additionally, the GTM container now has the capacity to test new tracking and implement GA4 or other tools, providing the client with a more streamlined and efficient tag management system. Custom Analytics continues working with the brand managing the tag management system on an ongoing basis.

Time & Approximate Cost: 2 Weeks & $5,000